Parameda Services

Parameda is a company founded by a small group of health care professionals with diverse backgrounds who recognized a need to provide additional services beyond bedside care. Our team members have experience in many disciplines such as fire, emergency medical services, trauma, respiratory therapy, and pediatrics and have worked in multiple environments such as ground and air transport, clinics, primary care offices, and various departments with both large and small hospitals.

This extremely diverse background has led to some very unique insight into the needs of our fellow health care clinicians and patients. All of our staff members are licensed professionals in their respective fields.

We provide Educational Services not because there aren’t options out there, but because there are few good options. Most classes are held during business hours through the week. Some require travel to their location. Most other educational providers require a minimum number of students to be be around 20. While that may work for some providers, we feel that there should be additional options.

Parameda will come to your location and teach a class or we can offer it at our headquarters. We will teach the class at 3 am or 3 pm. This can be especially beneficial to night shift employees who like to stay on their routines. We also offer classes for as few as 5 students per class. For example, if a night shift group needs to be re-certified on ACLS, we can offer the class online and then travel to their facility during a night shift for them to perform the practical stations during their lunch break. This obviously saves time, money, and hassle.

We offer Chronic Care Management Services for physicians to provide to their patients without the additional hassle and expense of setting up their own program. Often primary care providers are so busy providing the care in the office and following hospitalized patients care that they do not have the time to dedicate to another program. Parameda assists with providing CCM services so that the patient’s have a better co-ordination of care, more personalized care, and routine follow-ups to facilitate compliance with the treatment regimen. Of course, this care is reimbursable by Medicare and physicians can add a revenue stream to their office.

Parameda provides Peri-operative Blood Services because we feel that patients and clinicians should have alternatives. There are significant mortality risks and costs associated with receiving blood products. What if we can reduce those risks and costs? What if there was a way the patient could help heal themselves? There is and we provide those services.

The use of PRP during surgical procedures can reduce the use of drains, pain, seromas and scarring, bruising, and most importantly, blood loss. This procedure is autologous. Therefore, there is no chance of a transfusion reaction and there are no side effects. It does not require additional medications to be given as is typical with a transfusion with blood bank products. Because the patient is using their own blood product and it is collected and recycled in a closed loop system, it is acceptable by religious faiths that prohibit accepting blood products such as Jehovah Witness patients.

We welcome you to browse our site and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel that we may be of some assistance to you or your organization.